Last Airbender API

Routes + Queries What they do
GET /api/v1/characters
get all characters (default 20 per page)
GET /api/v1/characters?perPage=NUMBER&page=NUMBER
get all characters pagination
GET /api/v1/characters/CHARACTER_ID get a specific character by id
GET /api/v1/characters/random get one random character
GET /api/v1/characters/random?count=NUMBER get a number of random characters
GET /api/v1/characters/avatar get all avatars
GET /api/v1/characters?affiliation=NATION+NAME get characters with a specific affiliation
Choices: Fire Nation, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, and more!
GET /api/v1/characters?name=CHARACTER+NAME get characters who's name matches a string
GET /api/v1/characters?enemies=CHARACTER+NAME get characters that are enemies of a specific character
GET /api/v1/characters?allies=CHARACTER+NAME get characters who are allies of a specific character